5 October 2011

Latest Innovative Product Designs (2010-2011) Part 1

Today technology's growing very fast as we are seeing lots of creative concept designs and products by industrial designers and companies. Although some of these products are still under the development but the probability of having them in the market in the near future is very high. In this post, we are going to review some of the innovative high tech gadgets and concept designs of 2011. We will publish this article in four different parts which this one is the first part.

1. ABC Keyboard by Iaroslav Neliubov

This innovative keyboard has a complete touch surface and can be configured to any language with customized keys and with built-in memory for storing files. You can even change the keyboard color.

2. Sony Concept Bracelet Computer by Hiromi Kiriki

The Sony Concept Bracelet is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen and been developed for year 2020. It will contain features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility. 

3. Screen Alex e-Book Reader

The Spring Design Alex runs the Google Android OS and has a 6-inch e-Ink screen for displaying your e-books contents but also includes a tiny 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. It is Using a built-in 3G modem or Wi-Fi for surfing the Internet.

4. Finger Reader by Hansub Lee

This device is a combination of a finger reader gadget and Bluetooth Headset which the finger-pointer scans any products' barcodes and then send the information to the earpiece as audio instructions. This gadget is a good alternative for visually impaired people to shop at stores by identifying items audibly.

5. Photosynthesis by Vivien Muller

Photosynthesis is an environment friendly device, which is a solar-cell tree lookalike charger. You can charge your cell, your Mp3 player or a number of other electronic gadgets by plugging into the tree and using the sun's energy. Vivien’s solar tree can be used as a stylish decorative item as well.