11 March 2012

IP Locator Version 1.0

In one of my older posts, I told you about an application IPNetInfo to find information about an IP address. IP Locator is another freeware application from the TCPMONITOR website for finding all information about a particular IP address. By using this utility software, you are able to find the owner of the IP address, the country or state name, range or even contact information. The application uses the wois server of ARIN by sending request to their server. I think this application is a real good utility for gathering the information about an IP. You need to download two small files, one is the IP Locator setup.exe file and the other one is the GeoLiteCity.dat file. Download them from the links below:

IP Locator v1.0 (1.2Mb)

GeoLiteCity (8.3Mb)

or download from the official website:

After installing the IP Locator, extract the GeoLiteCity zip file and copy and paste in the IP Locator installation directory.

To find available information about an IP address, run the program and click on Trace IP Location icon. 

In Find IP window enter your desired IP address and hit the OK button.

To see detailed information, click on whois IP button.