8 March 2012

Tomahawk Music Player Version 0.4.0

Tomahawk is an awesome freeware music player for your system. Not only you can manage your music collection and playlist but also you can connect with it to your social networking accounts like twitter or Google Chat to enjoy music with your friends. It is an open-source media player or social media player with lots of features. One of its best features is combining your system hard disk library music with online streaming music services like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. It gives you the ability to play your friends music playlist if they use Tomahawk too.

To create a new collection of your favorite music on your local computer, from the menu go to the Settings and then Configure Tomahawk. In the Settings window, from the left panel, select Collection and then under the Path to scan for music files, navigate to your music files and OK the window. it will scan your computer for music files and create a collection of your music with album covers. You can easily search and access music using its filters like location, album, artist, track and many more.

From the Settings you can add your Google, twitter and Jabber accounts to to listen to your friends' libraries and share your own as long they use Tomahawk too.

To use online services like YouTube or SoundCloud, again in the Settings window, choose Resolvers and then click on Get more resolvers button. In the next window, select and install the plug-ins you want. 

Another cool feature is that you can make radio stations from your own playlist and broadcast it to your friends.

This music player is an open-source and freeware application the you can download and use for free. You can download it from the links below:

Tomahawk v0.4.0 (30.6Mb)

official website: