22 April 2012

Ideal Timepiece Siri-Ready Docking Station for iPhone

Ideal Timepiece is a Siri-Ready Docking Station for your iPhone, it is a new project by Zac Lu which is now available for the Kiskstarter camping duration. It is a creative design to transform your iPhone using ClockApp into a timepiece. Its body made of aircraft grade aluminum to give you a beautiful and stylish design for your bedroom or office. Ideal Timepiece is not only a timepiece for decorate the room, but also can be used for hands-free tasks like read and reply to your message and alerts you for your important notifications (messages, remainder, email or phone call).
It holds a physical speaker and able to increase the iPhone’s sound speaker by 10dB. Beside the speaker it contains a channeled microphone too. Its other feature is the two tilt pins on the back of the body for attaching the wires. It’s very easy to dock and undock your iPhone on the device by sliding it and its size perfectly matches the iPhone. Ideal Timepiece is the first design of a product design engineer Zac Lu from the Los Angeles, CA and the device now available in two Classic or Nation model on Kickstarter.