12 February 2013

Download Spelunky World Game for PC

Spelunky is a free adventure PC game that can entertain you for hours. This game first released in the 2008 for PC and since then it is completely free to download and play. Spelunky developed by Derek Yu who is the founder of the Mossmouth game company. You can play the game single player with your PC or as multilayer on the XBOX Live Arcade platform.  Splunky is a cave exploration and treasure hunting game. You have to collect the treasures along your way and face the monsters who try to eat you alive. Just like the Indiana Jones you have a whip to defend yourself. Also you need to interact with different items to survive during the game. One main feature of the game is whenever you restart the game you’ll play a new randomly-generated set of levels. As you play more and go deeper in the game you will be able to unravel the game’s secrets. On the XBOX Live you can play with your friends and challenge them till one of you survive. Spelunky has won Excellence in Design Award from the 3 awards at the IGF. Download the game from the link below:

Spelunky v1.1 (9.5MB)

Left and Right = Walk Up = Climb Ladders and Vines Down = Crouch X = Whip, Throw Item, Use Item Z (or W,Y) = Jump C = Cycle Whip, Bomb, Rope B = Use Bomb Shortcut R = User Rope Shortcut F = Flare P = Purchase/Bet Esc = Pause/Menu (Quit Game) F4 = Toggle Full-screen F9 = Take Screenshot M = Toggle Music