2 March 2013

Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse BAT

BAT is a Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse created by KIBARDIN DESIGN. This mouse is a new innovative and high tech product that contains of a pad with a floating mouse. Beside of its cool design and technology, the main goal of creating this levitating mouse was to prevent active computer users from damaging their wrists by Carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are a software developer, designer or someone who spend lots of times behind the computers then you probably sometimes felt pain in your wrist. This disease can lead to numbness, weakness or even muscle damage in the hand and fingers. This device uses a universal AC adapter with input 100-240V and output 18V power supply. The set weight of the BAT is 2000g and has dimensions of 240mm width, 240mm depth and 20mm height. The product is designed by Vadim Kibardin from Czech Republic.