3 June 2013

Create Fake Email Using TrashMail

When we are surfing the Internet, we view so many websites that offer free services like download, tutorial, newsletter etc. Some of the sites ask for subscription with your email address before they allow you to use their services. What if you want to subscribe to a certain site but also want your identity to remain unknown? Want to send an email to someone without letting the person or company find out who really you are. What would be the alternative in these situations? The answer is a fake email. TrashMail.net is a website that offers you creating disposable emails. All emails that sent to these emails will be forwarded to your real email address without revealing your identity. You can install the TrashMail add-on on your Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, create a new email address and set up the limitation for this email. Your Inbox will not fill with spam as the TrashMail rejects all spam mails and newsletters. You can register on the TrashMail website as a free member or as a paid member. Free members can have 300 active disposable email addresses and they can reserve them for 365 days. As a paid member, you will get more features such as forward emails indefinitely; send them by a SSL secure web form and much more. Let me show you step by step how to use the TrashMail disposable email address.

Step 1

I will use the Firefox browser for this tutorial, but TrashMail add-on is also available for Google Chrome. Go to the TrashMail.net for Mozilla Firefox add-on page and install the add-on. After installation is completed, it will ask you for registering a new account. Enter your username, password and real email address in the required fields. An email with a confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Go to your Inbox and confirm the link to complete the registration.

Step 2

Open the Firefox add-ons manager and click on the TrashMail.net add-on Options' button. In the Default Settings window, you have the options like Email address prefix to determine a prefix for your fake email, Email address domain, Number of forwards and Life span. Set up your desired settings, save and exit.

Step 3

Let assume that you want to register to a forum using your disposable or fake email address. On the registration page, right-click on the field that ask you for your email address and from the menu, select Paste disposable email address. In the next window, click on Create email button and you are done.

Step 4

For the confirm email address field, again right-click and this time from the menu, select the same email address that you just created. To edit your disposable email address, you can use the TrashMail Address Manager in your account.