19 August 2013

How to Protect Yourself From Hackers Infographic

With fast growing of the Internet and overloading of information, cyber crime became a serious matter these days. Now internet banking and wireless money transfer are a tempted target for hackers. In 2012 there were 12.6 million reports about identity theft; it means every 3 seconds someone became a victim of identity theft. If you think just by updating your operating system and your antivirus, you are safe while surfing the Internet then think again. Hackers use different methods such as social engineering, remote access and SQL injection to access your personal information and data. Although it is not only the hackers we have to worry about, even some companies use tracking cookies to keep eye on your web surfing habit. The infographic below is designed by Hotspot Shield a free and paid VPN service provider and shows you what source of data hackers are after usually, which kind of methods they use and how you can detect infected system and protect yourself. According to the infographic the primary data type that the attackers were interested in 2012, was cardholder data. $21 billion was stolen or lost to identity theft in 2012 alone. This amount is really scary and what it shows to you is that you can be the next victim of these cyber security threats. So always protect your privacy, personal information and data and try to protect yourself.