3 September 2013

APOLLON Transformable Tablet

It would be really cool to have a tablet that its size can be change according to your needs. APOLLON is a versatile and transformable tablet PC that has the ability to changing size from a book reader size to a larger 15 inch tablet. Beside its versatility, it also uses a dual operating system for different ranges. When it is in the wide mode, you can use the Windows operating system for heavy duty programs and watching high quality movies. But when APOLLON minimized then the Android OS comes into the picture for casual web surfing. So it not only can have two different sizes but as well it has two different operating systems for each range. The idea of having a dual OS is really innovative that shows one creative design behind it. The tablet includes a docking station that contains extra CPU, Memory, VGA, and SATA SSD in which they improve the tablet performance. You do not need to attach the APOLLON to the dock through cable as it can be connected wirelessly with Wi-Fi Direct. The display has two rollers on each of its ends and by pressing one button the lock will be released and the display extends horizontally. It's not only a tablet, but a tablet along with a PC that is easily portable where ever you go. This APOLLON transformable tablet PC is a design by Jongha Lee, an industrial designer from Seoul, Korea.