20 September 2013

AppTag converts your Smartphone to a Gaming Peripheral

If you are looking for some adventures then AppTag developed by HEX3 can convert your iPhone or Android phone to a gaming peripheral. You just need to download and install their application on your Smartphone, clip it on the HEX3 pistol guns and go to a laser battle with your friends. While you are on the battlefield, your phone display shows you laser effects and targeting info. And that is not all, you can also keep your scores on the HEX3 server, track your health, ammo and the number of enemies that you have killed. The AppTag application is free to download and install (available for iPhone, iPod or Android phone) but you will need the HEX3 pistol guns to play. You can play as a solo, multiplayer or even massive multiplayer. The device does not require any Bluetooth or wires and automatically connects to your phone. It works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and all the other Smartphone that have the size less than 76mm or 3 wide. As I mentioned with AppTag you can be in a Massive Multiplayer Reality Gaming (MMORG) zone, team up with your friends and defend your city against the enemy. If you want the play the game as single player, then the AppTag Arcade game uses augmented reality containing game marker to create a full 3D environment and gives you real excitement. AppTag is developed by HEX3, a mobile peripherals company that uses a patent pending high frequency sound technology to enable communication between the mobile and accessories. The company headquarter is located in Hong Kong with a design and business office in Australia and California. The AppTag concept was designed by Jon Atherton, an industrial designer and the founder of HEX3. The AppTag is available to purchase on their website with price $59.99.