3 September 2013

Augmented Reality 3D Glasses

The Meta Space glass can be the first generation of the Augmented Reality 3D Glasses. Recently a former Columbia University "Meron Gribetz" and the CEO of the Meta Company designed an augmented-reality wearable glass that is able to create a virtual world in front of you. You can interact with virtual objects and moving them around by your hands. Meron Gribetz inspired by the Google glass and tried to create his own version but an improved one. This gadget gives you the power to view the information and control objects with hands, fingers or gesture. The glass contains of dual cameras via USB with HD RGB and Infra-Red Depth, a twin see through TFT LCD display and a 9 degree of freedom sensor. The resolution for each eye is equal to 960X540. The camera interface can expose all depth data both at the low level and at the higher levels. This device also comes with special Windows based computer software that allows you to move digital entities in the air and see through a 3D world. The Meta company has already started the production of the glass and you can pre-order it on their website for $667. As the Meta claims the delivery will be begin in the next November. I think this Augmented Reality 3D glass would be a serious competitor for the Google glass.