10 September 2013

MaskMe Creates Disposable Emails to Protect Your Online Privacy

While you are surfing the internet, signing up certain websites, and doing online shopping, you need to enter your personal information such as email address, credit card number, phone, and your home address. All these data can be viewed by anyone who has access to the sites server database. Even today we see that NSA keeps eye on internet users’ activities. Besides the governments spying on the people, hackers are all over the internet and they do anything to find out your credit card or bank account numbers. In 2012 alone there were 12.6 million reports about identity theft. Protecting your online privacy is an important factor that you should consider while using the internet. A few weeks back, we introduced you a free service called TrashMail that provides you fake email addresses to use on the internet. In this article we are going to tell you about another service called MaskMe that does the same thing. The MaskMe is a free service by Abine, Inc., the online privacy company and can create disposable email addresses for you. One main feature of this service is it also provides you fake phone numbers and credit cards. By using MaskMe, you do not need to enter your real email address, phone and credit card information on a website. When you are shopping online, the MaskMe creates unique disposal information and auto fills in the spot. This service is available as an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome and is free to download and use. The free service includes email forwarding, passwords generator and auto fill features. The MaskMe website offers a premium version as well that can be used to sync data between your devices, and creates credit card and phone number. To try MaskMe go to the MaskMe add-on for Firefox or Chrome links and install it on your browser.

  • When you sign up with MaskMe, it will forward emails to your real email address without the need of giving away the actual email address. 
  • It blocks forwarding spam emails with just one click. 
  • Disposal Masked cards keep your credit card safe and speed up your online shopping. 
  • The service can also generate strong and unique password for you. 
  • You can manage and control which websites have your personal information using MaskMe’s dashboard.

How to create Masked Email

To create a new Masked Email, go to the website and click on the Masked Emails icon. In the "Create a new Masked Email" field, enter the website address you are willing to use the disposal email and hit the Create button. Next time a website asks for your email address, when you click on the field box, you see a drop down menu containing your disposal email address. Just select the Mask My Email option and you are done. Any email from the website will go to your temporary Inbox on the MaskMe website. To forward them to your real email address, set up free forwarding for emails. 

How to generate Password

To create a strong password, click on the Encrypted Passwords icon and then on the next page hit the Generate Password button.