2 December 2013

Muse Headband Allows You to Control Devices with Your Mind

The Canadian psychotherapist Ariel Garten who has researched and studied hippocampal neurogenesis at the Krembil Neuroscience Institute came up with an innovative idea to create a headband "Muse" using the thought controlled computing technology. As a gifted doctor with passion in science, she decided to commercialize and develop this device with the help of her colleagues. To achieve her goal, she founded the InteraXon Company with two of her friends in 2007.
We have seen Emotive Insight before which is a high tech gadget that has the ability to read human brain waves and converts them to meaningful data. The Muse would be another innovative product in the field of thought controlled computing technology. Muse is a six sensor headband that allows you to improve your brain activities (such as memory and concentration), control games and even devices like smart phones directly with your mind. The device can measure your brain waves, send them to your smart phone or tablet and translate those brain waves into actual instructions to control your iOS or Android gadget. For the Ariel Garten and team designer, creating this brain sensing headband is a way to the path than would lead them to make thought controlled computing an integral part of everyday life. The Muse or the Brain Sensing Headband currently is under the development and will be available in the market in early 2014. But you can pre-order the device on the InteraXon website with price 269$.

The InteraXon technology is a software and hardware interface that lets you control almost anything using only your nd. It wormiks by converting brainwaves into digital signals that are fed into a computer. Furniture, audio and visual devices, toy cars – all controllable without the touch of a button.