21 June 2014

LaMetric Customizable Smart Display

LaMetric is a real time smart display which is capable to receive and show notifications, emails, tasks, and many more. It can connect with an RSS feed to display information such as social notifications (like Facebook), weather, time, meeting, and to do lists. This smart display is programmable and has a pixel based screen. LaMetric can also show the numbers of visitors of a website which is make it a great handy gadget for webmasters. It has ability to show the number of the Facebook fans, the Twitter or any other social network's followers at real time and can be used by the business owner to show this information on their office or shops.

LaMetric’s design based on the Nike + FuelBand a device made by Nike which is a band wrist to track and measure your activities. It has a loud display for IFTTT recipes, a stylish design, a full color screen, and full width scrolling text and smooth animations. LaMetric includes a speaker, WiFi connections, and Ethernet as well. This gadget comes with an application which allows you to customize it according to your need and visualize your most important data from the World Wide Web using running text, more than 500 icons, animations, and sounds. Currently you can pre-order LaMetric on KICKSTARTER site in tow different colors (black or white) and three different prices: 120$ with basic features, 170$ including internet radio and music, and finally $250 with bigger screen.