8 October 2011

Latest Innovative Product Designs (2010-2011) Part 2

This post is the part  two of our latest innovative product design of 2010-2011 review which includes the next series of creative concepts and products. If you missed the first part follow the link below:

6. Tanning Printer by Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim, Seungin Lee & Yonggu Do

This printer is a solar powered printer which does not need the cartridges. This device uses the process of suntanning the paper for printing your document. The Tanning Paper or Printer converts the solar energy into electricity to operate but also tans the paper in order to create a printed document.

7. Sling Shot Candid Camera by Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim

This Sling Shot concept has a hidden camera for surprising your friends and capture their reaction while you are pretending that you're about to shoot the slingshot. The camera will snap a photo of your friends' expression which makes this concept a real fun gadget.

8. Transparent Window Phone Concept by Seunghan Song

This concept is a mobile phone that has the ability to transform its appearance like a window as per the weather and changes its screen to reflect the climatic conditions outdoors. The Windows Phone concept has another main feature that when you blow your breath, it moves into the handwriting mode.

9. Elusive Laser Wristwatch by David Blanc

Elusive is a smart and good looking wristwatch which projects the time on your skin via lasers. You can access the time whenever you need it, in that way it also saves the power. 

10. CRISTAL Universal Remote Control Table by Media Interaction Lab

CRISTAL is a Coffee Table turned Into a Universal Remote Control (Control of Remotely Interfaced Systems USING Touch-BASED Actions IN Living SPACES). It is being developed by developers at the Media Interaction Lab as a research project. You can control your living room the digital way, just like the Microsoft Surface-type table.