17 January 2013

Join Two or More MP3 Files Together Using Windows Command Prompt

Do you have some MP3 music files and want to attach them together thus when you play the file, the first song will be played and right after that the second one and so on? Users usually use some third party applications to do this but did you know that you can do this task very easily with the help of the Windows command prompt? The process is simple and can be done in few seconds. At the end you have a single MP3 file that contains all your MP3s in a sequence that you want. Follow these steps:

Step 1
First of all create a new folder and copy your MP3 files that you want to join together inside it. Let say you have two MP3s "First Song" and "Second Song" and you want the "First Song" be the one to be joined first so when you play the final copy, it would be the first to play and then after that the Second Song. Add an ordering number to your MP3 files name start from one, for example:

1.First Song.mp3 2.Second Song.mp3

Or simply jus rename them to:

1.mp3 2.mp3

Step 2
Hold the Shift key, right-click on the new folder that you have copied the files and from the menu select Open command window here and then enter the command below and hit the Enter key:
Copy /b *.mp3 MySong.mp3

Instead of MySong.mp3 you can give any name for your file you want.

Step 3
Now if you open the New folder directory again, you will see that a new file with the name MySong.mp3 has been created and your MP3 files attached together. When you play the file the first song start playing and right after that the second one. You can join as many MP3s as you want with this trick.