22 January 2013

Striker Magnetic Light Mine

Striker Magnetic Light Mine is a product and design by Striker. It’s simple, creative and innovative! Magnetic Light Mine is a lighting tool about the size of a golf ball and can be attached in any tight area to provide you a strong beam of light. It consists of a Lumen Tech LED and 12 neodymium magnets.
You can stick it on any steel surface and it gives you light toward any angle. As it has strong magnets, you can use it to pick dropped items like nails and screws. To give you more details about its characteristics, it has 11 neodymium rare Earth magnets to aim light hands-free, uses posts as tripods/quad-pods for making freestanding 360-degree light, four electronic light functions includes high output, red night vision, blinking red signal, Lumen tech high-output and AAA batteries.