19 June 2011

Some Useful Shortcuts

One thing that separate advanced users from other users is that how they use keyboard shortcuts. Knowing how to get the advantage of keyboard shortcuts, will make your life much easier when using the computer. Today I am going to introduce you some useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use in your daily work with your computer:

Making a new folder in win7

You can use Ctrl + Shift + N to make a new folder in Windows 7 operating system. This shortcut is not available in other older versions of Windows.

Retrieve a closed tab in web browsers

With the help of Ctrl + Shift + T you can retrieve the last closed tab in Internet browser. This shortcut works on all new web browsers.

Facebook shortcut

After you log-in to the Facebook and your profile, press "Alt + 1" and Enter to go directly to the News Feed page or Home. Press "Alt + 2" and Enter to go to your Profile Page.
If you use the Firefox browser, instead of Alt use "Alt + Shift" and the Number keys on top of the keyboard.

Google search result shortcuts

For checking the search result in Google with keyboard, make sure the Instant in Google search setting is active. First go to search setting page by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the search result page and check the if Google Instant is selected or not.
Now when you enter a query into the Google search engine, after seeing the result page, use Up and Down arrow keys to select each search result and press Enter key to enter the site. Also you can use the Right arrow key to see the preview.

Sending email in Gmail keyboard shortcut

After writing your email, press "Tab + Enter" instead of clicking the Send button. Your email will be sent.

Creating Screen shot using Prt Scr

You all know if you want to take a screen shot of your Windows operating system and copy it in the clipboard, you have to press the Prt Src key.
But if you want to take a screen shot only of actual current opened window that you are working on, press "Alt + Prt Scr".

Enter current date and time in Windows Notepad

If you want to enter the current date and time in the Notepad text editor, just press F5.