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27 June 2014

Pelty is simply another innovative product which transforms the thermal energy of a candlelight into electric energy. It is a Bluetooth speaker for listening to your favorite music with your partner in a romantic environment. As we can expect from Italian designers, Pelty also has an astonishing design and hand made in ceramic and glass. This eco-friendly creative gadget converts the heat creates by an ordinary candle into the electric energy which in return power up the speakers. You do not need any extra battery or charger, what you need is only a candle.

26 June 2014

If you are a fan of Horror and Puzzle games then you must probably have played the Slender free PC game, but for those of you that never play it before then you should give it a shot. SLENDER - THE EIGHT PAGES is a first person horror game available for free. During the game you have to find 8 manuscripts about the slender man, a creepy creature which will follow you anywhere you go in the game. If you come in direct contact with him, he will make you to jump off your chair and give you horrify nightmare. You can check some of the players’ reaction videos by yourself here. The Slender game is one of the most popular free PC game among users and made by Parsec Production. The game was created by Mark Hadley in 2012 as a short experimental horror game and since then it has given a new feeling of fear to the gamer through pure terror. Currently a new paid version of the Slender game is also available on the Steam which is called "SLENDER, THE ARRIVAL" (an expanded version of the original game with more level). If you are interested then you can purchase this game from the Steam website otherwise download the free original Slender, The eight pages game from the link below:

21 June 2014

LaMetric is a real time smart display which is capable to receive and show notifications, emails, tasks, and many more. It can connect with an RSS feed to display information such as social notifications (like Facebook), weather, time, meeting, and to do lists. This smart display is programmable and has a pixel based screen. LaMetric can also show the numbers of visitors of a website which is make it a great handy gadget for webmasters. It has ability to show the number of the Facebook fans, the Twitter or any other social network's followers at real time and can be used by the business owner to show this information on their office or shops.

13 June 2014

We have been shown you how to create a bootable USB (Universal Serial Bus) pen drive using the Windows command prompt or some free software. The only problem of booting your system from a pen drive is the motherboard support. These days all the new modern PC usually have added the option of boot from USB in their BIOS (Basic Input Output System) settings, but if you are using an older board that does not support this feature then what would be your alternative? Fortunately there is a solution for you using a free utility application which is called PLoP Boot Manager. It is a small application that allows you to boot from different operating systems including CD/DVD ROM and USB. PLoP Boot Manager can access your PC USB and CD/DVD ROM without the need of using the BIOS. If you do not know how to create a USB bootable drive then follow the link below:

26 May 2014

Touch Board is a new innovative product created by the folks in BARE Conductive Studio based in London. It is a creative device which is able to convert any kind of conductive material into the interactive touch input device. Touch Board can be used with electrically conductive paint to create touch input gadget on any flat surface. It includes a battery, a SD card and a speaker, all you have to do is to draw with electrical paint on any surface and connect them to the board. For example you can make a musical instrument such as a piano just by drawing the piano keys and connecting them to the board. The Touch Board is programmable and each input on the gadget creates a different sound (the sounds are stored on the SD card). 

25 May 2014

In the C program, we use operators for performing a specific task. This task can be a mathematical or arithmetic task (like calculating the Interest), comparison of values, assignment, logical manipulations etc. in other words operators are a combination of symbols that we put in a C expression (a combination of operands and operators is called an expression) between operands to get a desired result. An operand can be a variable, a constant or even another expression. For example consider the statement below:

9 January 2014

Those who were using the PC in the 90s are well familiar with the classic games such as DOOM, Aladdin, and Duke Nukem. DOOM was first released in 1993 by the id software as first person shooter science fiction horror game and was one of the most popular games among the users. During the game, you play as a space marine who find himself stuck on Mars between demons as the scientists accidentally opened the door to the Hell and let them inside the research facility. The DOOM shareware version which includes 9 levels was played by 10 million people within two years of its release and had a big impact on the gaming industry at that time.

If you never played this game then I suggest to give it a try which now you can play this classic retro game with high quality resolution and more updates and features. Currently an engine called Doomsday Engine provided by a team of developers with OpenGL support is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux. The Doomsday Engine works with all versions of the game like DOOM, DOOM2, Heretic, Hexen, and Ultimate DOOM. Another main feature of the Doomsday Engine is that you can use their hosted server to play as multiplayer and join other games. In this post, I’ll show you how to install and play the game using the Doomsday Engine as well as the DOSBox.

5 January 2014

As everyone has some personal files or folders such as documents, pictures and videos on their Android phone, some users like to hide their private files for privacy reason. There are different and various free and pay application available in the market that can manage your files and folder including hidden them. Today we want to show you how to hide your folders in Android devices by changing their attributes. Some of you may already know that by adding a dot "." In front of any file or folder, the Android OS will hide the corresponding file or folder. Nobody can view the hidden files unless you enable the Show Hidden file option in file manager settings. As you can see, anyone who knows this method can easily access the hidden files by simply activating this option, but still if you do not want to use any third party application you can use this method.

3 January 2014

Be The Robot or BERO is a controlled open source programmable interactive robot created by Reality Robotics. This high tech gadget or toy is able to feature an advanced internal operating system which enables the robot to communicate with a smartphone. BERO uses the inbuilt Bluetooth for means of communication and can support any Android and iOS based devices. It includes different light colors, sound, and a speaker for playing music and dance. You can control its movement using your phone and an open source application developed for BERO. This device was first originally founded on the Kickstarter and after reaching over $46,000, the Reality Robotics Company started manufacture and distribute it.

1 January 2014

Eben Upton, Rob Mullins, Jack Lang, and Alan Mycroft from the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory came up with the idea of creating a small and cheap computer that can help kids to learn programming in 2006. They started developing and designing their idea till 2008. At that time, the processors which were designed for mobile devices became more affordable and had the more powerful functionality. They teamed up with each other and founded the Raspberry Pi organization. The Raspberry Pi model B entered mass production in 2011 and within a year they sold over one million items.