27 June 2014

Pelty Bluetooth Speaker Works with Candlelight

Pelty is simply another innovative product which transforms the thermal energy of a candlelight into electric energy. It is a Bluetooth speaker for listening to your favorite music with your partner in a romantic environment. As we can expect from Italian designers, Pelty also has an astonishing design and hand made in ceramic and glass. This eco-friendly creative gadget converts the heat creates by an ordinary candle into the electric energy which in return power up the speakers. You do not need any extra battery or charger, what you need is only a candle.

The idea behind the Pelty speaker came from an Italian engineer Gianluca who wanted to have a dinner with his fiancée and needed to play some music while they have dinner. But he realized that his ordinary Bluetooth speakers are not right for the mode. After that night, he decided to create an elegant and stylish wireless speaker. When he was looking at a candle, he remembered the Peltier effect which he studied in engineering school and so the name Pelty.

You can connect the Pelty to any Bluetooth device such as a Smartphone. Just light the candle and wait for a few seconds and then it is ready to play your favorite song with best audio quality. It has a Thermo Electric Generator or Peltier cooler and can generate enough electric energy for the speaker.

Currently the Pelty is under development and available as a project on the INDIEGOGO website for collecting pledges and support which it already raised $9,481

Pelty represents a technological revolution in the high-quality audio speakers’ market: it is the first Bluetooth speaker literally POWERED BY FIRE!