3 January 2014

BERO Mobile Controlled Robot

Be The Robot or BERO is a controlled open source programmable interactive robot created by Reality Robotics. This high tech gadget or toy is able to feature an advanced internal operating system which enables the robot to communicate with a smartphone. BERO uses the inbuilt Bluetooth for means of communication and can support any Android and iOS based devices. It includes different light colors, sound, and a speaker for playing music and dance. You can control its movement using your phone and an open source application developed for BERO. This device was first originally founded on the Kickstarter and after reaching over $46,000, the Reality Robotics Company started manufacture and distribute it.

The BERO is 4 inch tall, multi-motor and wireless. It has 6 controllable led eyes, light up headphones, and 180 degrees turning head and arms. With an integrated speaker and custom music and sound file playback, the BERO dances for your entertainment. It includes a rechargeable battery, a USB port, and SD card holder as well. For controlling its movement, the BERO uses two right and left track motion drives and infrared optical navigation system to see obstacles autonomously. In short, the BERO is your smartphone best friend. This gadget currently is available in the market with price $159.