26 May 2014

Touch Board New Innovative Touch Input Device

Touch Board is a new innovative product created by the folks in BARE Conductive Studio based in London. It is a creative device which is able to convert any kind of conductive material into the interactive touch input device. Touch Board can be used with electrically conductive paint to create touch input gadget on any flat surface. It includes a battery, a SD card and a speaker, all you have to do is to draw with electrical paint on any surface and connect them to the board. For example you can make a musical instrument such as a piano just by drawing the piano keys and connecting them to the board. The Touch Board is programmable and each input on the gadget creates a different sound (the sounds are stored on the SD card). 

You can also change the sensitivity of the touch sensor using distance code and interact with them from the distance (up to 20cm). The board can be used with any conductive material like aluminum foil, copper, and even a nail. As it has lots of flexibility, the things we can do with Touch Board are numerous from making a light switch on the wall to the creating a musical instrument. Currently you can pre-order the Touch Board from the BARE Conductive Studio official website with price €55.