15 September 2011

12+1 Tips for Google+

Google+ must be considered the biggest threat to world largest social network website "Facebook", because, according to the company officials, Google+ is more than a place for sharing photos and texts. Right now this social network accepts user through invitation only, but soon the trial period would end and the general registration begins. In this post, I will introduce 12+1 tips and tricks in the Google+.

Update: You might want to check our new article about the Google+ Useful Shortcuts and Tips.

1. Google+ allows you to format text such as making a word or sentence bold or italic. To bold the text or a portion of the text, insert your text between two Star (*) signs. Also for italic text insert Underscore (-) in beginning and ending of your text.  (-) is used for drawing a line on your text.

2. For sharing a video, image or link from a website, just drag and drop it into the Google+ main stream page.

3. The Circle feature in Google+ is similar to following in the Twitter. Your update will be sent only to people you have in your circles.

4. You can tag your friends that you have in your circles in posts just by adding a (+) or (@) sing before their name.

5. Because currently there is no Private Message feature in Google plus, enter your desired text (or message) in the stream and share it with the person you want to share. Click on Add more people and write your friend's name. If there is another circle that already chosen for sharing, you can close it simply by clicking on cross sign (X).

6. You can disable comment and sharing for the post that you are sharing. After entering your post in the stream, click on the small arrow in the upper right corner and select Disable comments or Lock this comment for each post.

7. To find the direct link to a post, click on the Date and Time of that particular post.

8. The +1 button in Google plus is similar to Like button on Facebook. Click on +1 to recommend a post and click on it again to undo the +1 (this is the main difference between Like button in Facebook and +1 button in G+).

9. Clicking on the +1 button on Google+ will not show it in +1 tab in your Profile page like when you +1 an article or post on other websites.

10. Available Shortcut in Google+:

Space for moving down the main stream page.

J for jumping down to the next stream (post).

K for jumping up to the previous stream (post).

Enter for submitting a comment to a post that currently selected with J or K keys.

10. For choosing which updates you want to receive through email, in the top right corner of the Google+ page, select the gear sign and click on the Google+ Settings option. Here you can manage all the email notifications.

12. Google lets you save a backup of all your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream and Buzz posts to your computer. Click on gear sign, Google+ Settings and then the Data Liberation to create a backup of your data.

13. For viewing how other people see your profile, go to the Profile page and under the Edit Profile button, click on the "View Profile as..." option. Enter a person's name to see how he/she is able to see your profile, or click on "Anyone on the Web" to see how your profile looks like when anyone enters your profile page.