9 November 2011

Find All Internet Activities in Windows

One of the problems in the field of Internet and Network security in Windows environment is Unwanted Internet Activities. Although these activities may be due to software installed on your system or Malware that running on your system and spying on your daily Internet surfing and your entered password and username in web browsers. In other words, you may noticed sometimes when your PC connected to the Internet but you are not doing any activity, still in web browser status bar you are seeing that the system send and receive information through the Internet.
You should know that it does not means that your system has infected with Malware always, but sometimes installed software (like antivirus) also sending information to the company web server to check for the latest update. These activities from time to time are bad enough that can occupy a lot of Internet bandwidth. So how we can sure that which activity is harmless to your system and which one is not? I have to mention that most of the Internet activities are hidden in Windows system. Now let tell you a trick that you can use it to find all communications that are running between the installed applications on your system and the Internet. For this purpose:

1. Go to Start>Run>cmd and hit Enter.

2. In the Command Prompt environment type the following command and press Enter.

netstat -b 5

(There is a space between netstat and –b and a space between –b and 5).
After you entering this command, the command prompt will be list all current running connections between installed software and Internet, even their names and ports that they are using. This list gets updated every 5 seconds.

3. You may have problem to understand all information in this list. For solving this problem, enter below command in CMD:

netstat –b 5 > CSArchive.txt

(Instead of CSArchive, you can write any name that suits you).

4. At least wait for 5 minutes and then press Ctrl+C.

5. Go to the Start>Run and enter CSArchive.txt (in your case, whatever name you have made for your text file) and hit the Enter. Now the list of exact shape of all activities (in the last 5 minutes) will be visible for you in a Notepad text file.
Check the file and if you find any unwanted connection between software and Internet, do the appropriate action such as deleting or changing the application setting.