14 December 2011

How To Make Invisible Folder In Windows

Today I’m going to introduce an interesting trick to make an invisible folder in Windows! Using this trick you can somehow hide your files as well.

To do this:
1. First, put your files in a new folder and then right-click on the folder and choose Properties.

2. Then in the opened window, go to the Customize tab, and click Change Icon button.

3.  Scroll the icons till you find some blank icons (in the middle), select one of them and click on OK. Click on OK again. 

You will see that the folder’s icon has disappeared.

4. How to make the folder’s name disappeared also? Easy, right-click on the folder’s name, and select Rename. Then hold the Alt key and from the Numpad on the right side of keyboard, enter 0160 and press Enter.

Now your folder’s name will disappear also.

That is how you can make an invisible folder in Windows.