24 January 2012

How to Create a Restart Shortcut in Windows

Before we created Shutdown, Hibernate and Lock shortcut. Our tutorials will not be complete without making a Restart shortcut too. Today is time to show you how to create a Restart Shortcut in Windows. The steps are easy to follow as we did before for creating other shortcuts. You can also assign a delay time for restarting your system. 

Step 1
Right-click on desktop and from the drop-down menu, select New>Shortcut.

Step 2
In the Create Shortcut window, inside the text box under the Type the location of the item, enter the code below:

Step 3
Click Next to continue and give a name for your shortcut like Restart and hit the Finish button.

Step 4  
Your shortcut is ready. Let choose a proper icon for it. Right-click on the shortcut and from the drop-down menu, select Properties. In Shortcut tab select Change Icon… and in the new opened window under the Select an icon from the list below, choose your desired icon and OK the windows. You can also pick your own icon. For this you have to hit the Browse… key to navigate to the directory that your icon is located to select it.

Step 5
If you double-click the shortcut, your system will restart immediately. But you can give a delay time for restart process. In that case you need to modify the code. Change 00 to any amount of delay (between 0 and 315360000) you want. The delay period will be calculated as second. For example if I want to make a shortcut that would restart my PC after 10 seconds, then the code is:

Step 6
Now double-click on your new created shortcut to see the result.