17 January 2012

How to Create a Shutdown Shortcut in Windows

Do you want to shut down your system just by one click? In Windows operating system you can create a shortcut for Shutdown and even apply an icon for it. So instead of going to the Start, simply double-click on this icon on your Desktop to shut down your system. This is the tutorial for making a shortcut for your Windows shut down button. Follow these steps:

Step 1
Go to your desktop, right-click and select New>Shortcut.

Step 2
In the Create Shortcut window, type the code below inside the Type the location of the item and click on Next.

Step 3
Give a name for your shortcut, like Shut down and select Finish. Now whenever you want to shut down your system, just double click on this icon.

Step 4
It is better to choose a more appropriate icon for this shortcut. For changing the icon, you have to right-click on the shortcut and hit the Properties

Step 5
In Properties window and in Shortcut tab, click on Change Icon… to go to Change Icon window.

Step 6
When the Change Icon window opened, inside the Look for icons in this file, type the code below and click on Brows.

Step 7
Select your icon and OK the window. Your shortcut is ready, double-click on it to see the result.