8 January 2012

How to Rename the Flash Drive Name

In my last post, I told you how to make an Autorun CD/DVD. Now today I am going to introduce you a similar method to rename your Pen drive name to your desired name. So in this way, whenever you connect your Flash drive to your PC, its drive name gets changed to the name that you have set.

For this:

1.  First connect the Flash drive to your system USB port.

2. From the My Computer, go to your Flash drive.

3. Right-click on an empty space and select New>Text Document.

4. Copy and paste the code below inside the document:

Instead of CSArchive.Net in front of the equal sign, writ your desired name.

5. Save the file with name autorun.inf and disconnect the Pen drive from the PC, connect it again and see the change. 

Now your Pen drive has a specific name.