11 February 2012

Apple QuickTake Concept

The QuickTake Concept is a camera with amazing features. It’s made from glass and recycled aluminum. QuicTake has long battery life that holds a 32 megapixel lens and gives you the power to record 1080p full HD video without the need for compression. Its other features are rotating lens and screen, microphone for recording HD sound, voice control, touch HD screen, light sensor and many more. It’s more like a tablet with the camera as is considered to be the first smart digital camera. The QuicTack is a design by Joseph Dumary an industrial designer from Carrieres-Sous-Poissy, France.

Apple invented the first digital camera,Apple will change our vision of the digital camera.This is the first camera in the world with a lens that can rotate a few millimeters to the right or left to better focus in manual focus or auto focus with technology Eyefocus+.A camera like a smartphone,easy to use whether you are amateur or professional.The wide screen retina, HD, displays images ever seen on a camera screen,can be rotated to make a self portrait.Sayin' cheese and your pic is there