6 February 2012

Download Command and Conquer Gold for PC

Command and Conquer is one of my favorite strategy games. I still remember the nights I spend to play this game. It is an interactive strategy game that offers real-time combat. Today I uploaded the freeware original C&C Gold version for my visitors. And I will show you how to install this game on Windows 7 also. The zip file contains C&C image (580Mb), Patch and Daemon Tools. Download from the links below:

C&C Gold Part 1 (200Mb)

C&C Gold Part 2 (200Mb)

C&C Gold 3 Part 3 (38.6Mb)

For installing the game on Windows 7 follow these steps:

Step 1
Download all the three .rar files and extract them. Install Daemon Tools and mount image the Cnc file (you can use any virtual image programs instead of Daemon Tools or you can simply burn the file on a CD).

Step 2
After mounting image the file, go to the game directory and find the Setup.exe file. Right-click on it and from the pop-up menu select Properties.

Step 3
In Setup Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab and under Compatibility mode, tick Run this program in compatibility mode for and then from the pop-down option, choose Windows 95 and OK the window.

Step 4
Double-click on Setup.exe and install the game (you don’t need to install the Command and Conquer Chat and Adobe Acrobat reader during the installation). After installation finished, your computer will be restart.

Step 5
Copy the Patch file to the game installation directory (example C:\Westwood) and double-click to run it. Install the patch and you are done. Now you can play the game simply by clicking on the C&C95.exe file.

If you face any problems for installing the game, leave a comment on the this post.