17 February 2012

How to Install Hyk-Proxy Using Google App Engine

Hyk-Proxy is a proxy application based on Java with friendly user interface. With Hyk-Proxy not only you can surf the Internet freely but also gives you the ability to configure HTTP, HTTPS protocol, XMPP, GTalk, etc. This article is about how to use and install Hyk-Proxy using the Google Application Engine. To see how to install a free proxy and GAppProxy with GAE, check the links below:

How to Create Free Proxy Using Google Application Engine 

How to Install GAppProxy Using Google Application Engine

Now follow these steps:

Step 1
As you know before anything you need to create a new application on Google App Engine, go to Google App Engine and sign in to your Google account:

If it is your first application that you are trying to make in GEA, then Google will verify your account by sending an SMS to your mobile phone number. Follow the Google instruction and sign in.

Step 2
In Create an Application window, enter a name (sub domain) for your application and click on the Check Availability button. After you select a proper sub domain for your application then submit a title for it also. I have made my application name csarchive-hykproxy and its title CSArchive Hyk Proxy. Hit the Create Application button to generate the application.

Step 3
For creating a Google application and using the Hyk-Proxy application, we need to download the AppEngine Java SDK and Java. To download follow the links below:

AppEngine Java SDK (53.6Mb)

or download from the official website:

Java (860.7Kb)

or download from the official website:

Step 4
Install the Java platform on your system (if you don’t already have it) and unzip the App Engine Java SDK and place it on your desktop or where ever you want. You don’t need to install the App Engine Java SDK.

Step 5
Download Hyk-Proxy Installer, Hyk-Proxy and Hyk-Proxy Server from the links below:

Hyk-Proxy Install v0.9.4.1 (3.3Mb)

or download from the official website:

Hyk-Proxy Server v0.9.4.1 (3.5Mb)

or download from the official website:

Hyk-Proxy v0.9.4.1 (3.2Mb)

or download from the official website:

Step 6
Open the hyk-proxy-server file and double-click on install.bat. The AppCfgWrapper window will be opened. In front of SDK Location, enter the appengine-java-sdk path on your system and select Apply. I copied it in my C: drive, so my appengine-java-sdk location is C:\appengine-java-sdk.

Step 7
We should now deploy the application. Before that first you go to your Google mail account to create a specific password for your application. Sign in to your Google mail settings and front of Authorising application & sites, select Edit. Verify your password to go the next window. 

Under the Enter a name to help you remember what application this is for, type the name of your Google application (sub domain) and click on Generate password. Keep this window open and go back to the Hyk-Proxy GUI Wrapper.

Step 8
Inside AppEngine AppCfg GUI Wrapper, type your Google email address and the new generated password (you only need to enter this specific password one time) and select Deploy button. Wait until the process finished. You will see a message that says Update complete successfully.

To see if your application deployed successfully, open your Internet browser and in the address bar enter




How to use Hyk-Proxy application

Step 1
Double-click on hyk-proxy-install.exe file and install it on your system. 

if you don’t want to install this application, then instead go to hyk-proxy->bin and doubli-click on startgui.bat file to run the application. So it is easier to install the program.

Step 2
Go to Plugins tab, and you see the Google App Engine is listed there.  Select Google AppEngine plugin and click the Config button.

Step 3
In the next window, hit the New button.The Add AppId window will be opened. Enter the application ID (name) and OK the window. From the GAE window, hit the Apply button.

Step 4
Next step is to change your Internet browser proxy settings.

For Internet Explorer
Go to Menu>Tools>Internet Options>Connections tab>LAN settings and then in Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window, tick the Use a proxy server for your LAN, enter for address and 48100 for Port and OK the windows.

For Firefox
Go to Menu>Tools>Options>Advanced>Network tab and under the Connection, click on the Settings button. Select the Manual proxy configuration, for HTTP Proxy enter and for Port enter 48100 and OK the windows.

For any other browser, you just to need to change the poxy setting to 48100

Note: If you don’t change the proxy setting, you still be able to surf the Internet when the Hyk-Proxy running, but it will show your original IP address. So do not forget to change the proxy setting.

Step 5
Your proxy is ready to use. Go back to the Hyk-Proxy window and click on Start and surf the Internet.

To configure GTalk setting, refer to the images below: