10 February 2012

How to Make Windows Boot Faster (Change Boot Timeout)

If you feel that your system starts up slowly, here is a trick to make Windows Boot faster. The trick is to decrease the boot time-out. Boot time-out determines how long the boot menu is displayed before the default boot entry is loaded. The default value is 30 second and not only you can decrease this amount but even you can increase it so in that case Windows takes longer to boot. The boot time-out limitation in Windows XP or 2003 is between -1 to 9999 seconds. If you set the time-out -1 then you actually added an indefinite menu display time and your system before start booting asks you to select the operating system (this is useful for you in case you have installed multiple versions of Windows on your system). In Windows 7/Vista the limitation is between 0 to 9999 seconds only. Now follow these steps:

First Method

1. Go to Start>Run>msconfig>Enter. The System Configuration window will be open.

2. Go to Boot tab and you will see the default boot timeout value (30 Seconds) under Timeout.

3. Change the value to 3 seconds and OK the window. A message box will be appeared that asks you to restart the Windows. Restart the Windows and see the result.

Second Method

1. Right-click on My Computer icon and select Properties. From the right side of the System window, click on Advanced system settings.

2. In the System Properties window, go to Advanced tab. Under the Startup and Recovery section select Settings.

3. The new Startup and Recovery window will be opened. In System startup and front of the Time to display list of operating systems, change the value to 3 seconds and OK the windows. Restart your system to see the result.