8 February 2012

How to Create E-Mail Shortcut in Windows

As I need to send emails to certain persons for business purpose daily, I prefer to create shortcuts for those email addresses on my desktop. If you don’t know how to make shortcut for an email, then follow these steps:
1. Go to your desktop and right-click on an empty space and from the drop-down menu select New>Shortcut.

2. Under the Type the location of the item, enter

mailto:<eamil address>

For example


3. Click on the Next and give a name for your email shortcut, then hit the Finish button.

4. Now your email shortcut is ready. If you double click the shortcut it will be open by your system default mail service (Microsoft Office Outlook or Windows Live Mail). 

For selecting the Windows default mail service go to  
Control Panel>Programs>Default Programs>Set your default programs 
and from the right side of the window, choose the default program for your email service.