15 March 2012

KOUTE Scanner Concept

KOUTE Scanner is a creative concept. What it does is it can scan any text in a book, newspaper or any other kind of document; convert the scanned text to digital format and shares in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter or cloud services like Dropbox. The concept uses the optical character recognition (OCR) technology to recognize the characters and decode the text to digital format. You want to update your Facebook status with an interesting quote in a book or twit it, then place the KOUTE on the text, highlight it with your fingers and post on Facebook or twitter. It holds micro lens that reflects the image (text) to the device fixed camera. After highlighting and selecting the text, all you need to do is to move your fingers across the surface to share the content on the Internet. This concept is a teamwork design by Xu Tao, Wang Junfeng, Christian Yang and Gong Yanyan for Orange Labs Beijing and it has won the 2011 red dot design concept award.