2 April 2012

SeaMonkey Version 2.8

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one internet application (freeware) suite. It includes an Internet browser, Email and Newsgroup client, HTML editor, IRC chat and Web development tools. This application based on the open source Mozilla engine and before known as Mozilla Application Suite. The SeaMonkey uses the same Mozilla source code and its legal backing is provided by the Mozilla Foundation. The Browser offers you lots of features like Sync, Tabbed browsing, Session restore, Add-ons Management, Data Manger and many more. The Mail & Newsgroups client is a powerful mail client that gives you the ability of Tabbed Mail, Junk mail controls, Multiple accounts and Blogs & News Feeds.
The HTML editor supports dynamic image and table resizing, CSS, positioned layers, etc. With IRC Chat or ChatZilla you can chat on IRC networks and even change the theme with motifs or create a user defined with CSS. And finally if you are a web developer, then you can use SeaMonkey Web Developemet Tools that contains DOM Inspector (search within the document structure of web pages or add-ons) and JavaScript Debugger. The SeaMonkey 2.8 has built on the new Firefox release with latest web technologies like HTML 5, hardware acceleration and improved JavaScript speed. If you haven’t tried this application before then I suggest you to download it from the links below and try it for yourself.

SeaMonkey v2.8 (17.7Mb)

or download from the official website: