8 April 2012

The New iPhone Pro Concept

The new iPhone Pro concept, designed by Jinyoung Choi, is good news for iPhone fans. This concept has an astonishing and stylish design with measurement size of 128X73X9 mm. The phone comes with 1.2 megapixel 3D camera, 4.5 inch LCD display and DSLR lenses. On board projector is another feature that the new iPhone concept holds. Users can attach DSLR lenses to the device mount on its back for shooting pictures. The screen has 1280X800 resolutions to give you a high quality wide display. That’s not all; the phone also comes with Portable Speaker and Removable Hard disk! What more you can expect from a phone? The Jinyoung Choi is a very talented designer from Chong-won, South Korea and currently works for Sky designers’ community and 360 Design Studio.

This is iPhone concept design. It designed for users who do high standard work or hobby. iPhone Pro has 4.5 inch wide LCD and 2 side button, it can use 3D camera. It can be used more professionally by setting DSLR lens, Beam projector, portable speaker and removable hard disk and so on in the rear of the camera. The possibilities of using the rear part are open.