28 October 2012

Windows 7 Performance Monitor System Health Report

Windows Performance Monitor was introduced in Windows Vista and still is available as a utility tool in Windows 7. You can create log files to analyze your system performance or using data collector set to troubleshoot Windows problems. To know more about PerfMon System and how to work with it, you can read this article. This system utility can also provide you a complete health report including Software and hardware Configuration, CPU Performance, Network Analyze, Hard Disk and Memory Check. Creating a PerfMon report is really easy and can be used to find the Windows issues.
To make a report, go to the Start and inside the Search box type

Perfmon /report

Then hit the Enter key. It takes 60 seconds and after that Windows will generate a complete detailed health report about your system. 

To see each report, click on their small triangle icons to expand the reports.

There are three other commands in Windows 7 that you can use for other task and they are

Perfmon /rel to view your system problem history

Perfmon /res to open the Resource Monitor and finally

Perfmon /sys to open Performance Monitor in stand alone mode.