30 November 2012

Find Exact Install Date of Windows with CMD

If you forgot what is the exact date that you installed the Windows on your system and need to know it for any reason, you can find it very easily with Command Prompt. We usually don’t keep records of our Windows install date, so what if we want to see how long we are using the current version of Windows on the system. This can be done with a simple trick with the help of the Windows command prompt.

Step 1
In the Start search box, enter Run and hit the Enter key or press Win + R. Then in the Run, type CMD and press Enter to open the command prompt.

Step 2
Enter the command below in the command prompt environment and execute it. Wait for few seconds till it gathers the required information and after that it will show you the exact date of your system Windows operating system installation.

The systeminfo command used to show detailed information about a computer and its current operating system. If you use this command without any parameters, you can see information like name, version, and product id of the OS. Even it displays the hardware properties including CPU, memory, model etc. you can download the complete list of Windows command line reference from here.

Create a text file of your system information
You can create a text file of your system information for later reference with the command below:

To save the text file in any particular drive or path like D: drive, navigate to that path before you execute the command. Instead of "sysinfo", you can give any name that you want.

For more information about systeminfo command and its parameters, check the Microsoft command line reference.