20 November 2012

OkayFreedom Version 1.0.3 Free VPN Service

I have published some articles about how to create free proxy using Google App Engine or free website host providers. Today I intend to introduce you free VPN software “OkayFreedom” who gets you access to the internet if certain websites are blocked in your country. Also with OkayFreedom you can surf the Internet anonymously and securely to protect your privacy. VPN means Virtual Private Network and creates a secure network connection between a public network like the Internet and a private network that hosted by a service provider. There are lots of VPN service providers over the Internet, some of them are free and some not. When you surf the Internet with a VPN, your actual IP address will hidden and you can protect your online identity. Also if you live in a country that blocked some websites, you can access them freely. OkayFreedom is one of the VPN service providers and give you access to the Internet up to 1GB per month (500MB + 100MB per recommendation), but if you need more than 1GB then you have to buy a premium package. After you installed the OkayFreedom, it will integrate itself with your operating system web browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome. If you click on its system tray icon, you have the choices to select the geographical locations from Germany, America, UK and Switzerland.

OkayFreedom v1.0.3 (1.1MB)

or download from the official website:


Upset when you can't view a video online? With our VPN-service OkayFreedom this problem is now history. But OkayFreedom is also the right choice when you just want to prevent someone from following your traces on the internet. OkayFreedom recognizes whether content, videos and entire websites are restricted in your country and automatically directs you over a server which enables you to view the content.