21 December 2012

Windows 8 Accessibility Factsheet and Tutorials

Microsoft has released a fact sheet and tutorial for Windows 8 Accessibility. You may already familiar with the Windows 7 Ease of Access. This option is also included in the Windows 8 with more features to help you use your computer easier. What you can do with Ease of Access is to use the computer without a display, mouse or keyboard, make it easier to see, make the mouse and keyboard easier to use and etc. One of the main features of Windows 8 is the introduction of touch-only devices. If you have a touch screen gadget then you can interact with Windows without using the mouse or keyboard. The Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorials contains:


Overview of Accessibility in Windows 8

Ease of Access


Mouse and Keyboard

And Keyboard Shortcuts

You can view and download these fact sheet and tutorials from the links below:

Accessibility in Windows 8 Fact Sheet

Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorials

The Zip file includes Windows 8 Accessibility Factsheet PDF, Win 8 Accessibility Tutorials in both PDF and Word document.
Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorials (4.1MB)

Or download from the official website: