6 March 2013

Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse by Jason Giddings

These Multi-Touch keyboard and mouse is a concept design by Jason Giddings, an aerospace engineer and inventor. These devices made of tempered glass that attached to a solid metal base. The keyboard and mouse have no moving parts and are wireless. They can be charged using Lithium Polymer batteries when they connected to the power supply. The available software for these peripheral devices is open source and that makes them more special. By developing the software the user can use the mouse to zoom like an iPad or convert the keyboard from standard edition to CAD design edition simply by toggling the number pad off and have more space for work. The concept uses Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (or FTIR) and infrared LEDs positioned at the edge of the glass. The design is simple but so creative! The LEDs are hidden in the gaps where the glass is mounted to the base. By touching the glass due to reflection, the IR light will diffuse downward and the camera under the device will catch the light. The rest of the job will be done by the software. Jason Gidding is a talented engineer and CEO of Giddings Product Development who design this concept.