19 May 2013

Easy Hide IP Version 2.5.0

With EasyHideIP application you are able to surf the Internet anonymously and hide your identity. The application automatically searches among proxy servers over the Internet and then changes your browser IP address. With the EasyHideIP you can open the banned websites in your country and enjoy your freedom while surfing. Your identity also is untraceable in forums, and emails. The software has the ability to check the performance of a proxy and shows you a list of good proxies. The EasyHideIP version 2.5.0 is a shareware application and it is offered in demo version. It means you can use the demo version for only one IP address and only for one computer or account. If you need more proxy to use then you need to buy a license from the EasyHideIPofficial website. Unfortunately the EasyHideIP is only compatible with Internet Explorer. To download the latest version of the EasyHideIP, follow the links below:

EasyHideIP v2.5.0 (1.7MB)

To use the application, from its interface, click on the Search Proxy List or Check List button and wait till the software finished searching for available proxies. If you are using the free version, then you can only select one IP address from the list. 

After selecting the proxy from the list, click on the Hide Your IP icon to change your browser IP address to a new IP address. To stop the process, click on the Stop Hiding button.

If you open the Internet Explorer and go to the menu and then Internet Options, you’ll see that the Proxy Server has been changed to the new setting.