11 June 2013

Turn ON Your PC Using Keyboard or Mouse

Do you want to boot your system with just one click or by pressing a key on the keyboard? You can do this by enabling the Keyboard Power On options in the your system BIOS settings. Depends on you computer model and manufacture, you find this option in the Power Management or Integrated Peripherals. First of all restart your computer and when it's starting to boot, hit the Delete or F2 key to access the system BIOS setup configuration. Now select the Power Management or Integrated Peripherals and in the next window, select keyboard Power ON or Power ON Function (again depends on your system model).
If you are not able to find the Integrated peripherals or Power Management, probably it must be a similar option in the Setup menu.These menus usually consist of the options below:


By choosing this option, you can assign a password and whenever you enter this password, your PC will turn on. After choosing your password, select "KB Power ON Password".

Hot Key

Use Hot Key or shortcut to turn the system on. After selecting this option, go to "Hot key power on". The combination keys are  Ctrl + F1 to Ctrl + F12. You can choose any one of these keys that suit you the best.

Mouse Left

Select the Mouse Left option to turn on your PC by the Mouse left key.

Mouse Right

Select the Mouse Right option to turn on your PC by the Mouse right key.

Any Key

You can turn on your computer with pressing any key on the keyboard.

Button Only

The system starts only with the Power button on the case.

Keyboard 98

This option is used for older models of keyboard.  


If you don’t want to turn on your system with the keyboard, then select this option. It will disable this feature.

After selecting your desired option, press F10 to save the BIOS settings and exit.