23 July 2013

Download Free Facebook Security

These days maintaining our privacy and security settings in social networking websites like Facebook is something that we cannot ignore it easily. As we share our private photos and videos on Facebook, we usually concern about the security about our account. You might already know that but if you don’t, then you should know Facebook for the sake of its users’ security has provided you some free antivirus that you can download and use for free. The only thing that you need to do is to go to the Facebook Security page and download and install any of them that you want. Facebook offers these software for PC, Mac and Mobile users and you can find variety of free antivirus to download like "Tren Micro Titanium, Panda Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, MacAfee Internet Security, AVG Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essential, and Kaspersky PURE Total Security". But keep in mind that you can only download and install one or two of these antivirus for each device, and some of them might be available in certain countries only, so choose wisely and select the one that suits your system the best.
To download you have to navigate to the AvMarketplace tab, select any of them that you want, and in the next window, like the antivirus by clicking on the Like button. After that hit the "Download now" button.