29 August 2013

This iPad Charger Mounts in Your Car’s Cup Holder

The Cup (iPad) Holder is a multipurpose docking station for your iPad or iPhone. The device fits in your car’s cup holder and not only you can mount your iPad but also your Samsung Galaxy tablets or any other tabs that fit in the holder. The Cup (iPad) Holder holds 2 high power USB ports and 2 lighter sockets. You can use the car’s cigarette socket to charge your tablet, cell phones and USB gadgets. Its base is adjustable so you can simply fit it into the most car cup holders. The device also includes a flexible bending neck holder for holding your iPad or tablet. It gets power through the car cigarette lighter and has a power indicator to show you the charging process. The Cup Holder Socket Mount has a simple design but very creative that gives you the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time.