17 August 2013

EMOTIV INSIGHT Monitors Your Brain Activities

EMOTIV INSIGHT is a new innovation and concept design that has the ability to read human brain waves and then convert those waves into meaningful data that can understand by anyone. This concept is a new project on the Kickstarter by a talented innovators team of the Emotiv technology company. EMOTIV INSIGHT simply is a 5 channel wireless headset that can be worn by the users to track and monitor brain activities and provides them an insight of how their brain works in real time. The main goal of creating this device is to optimize your brain fitness and performance, but how? As human brains made up of a billion neurons (neuron or nerve cell is a cell that can transmit information by creating electrical and chemical signals) and all these neurons communicate with each other through chemical reaction, so in result they produce electrical impulses. These electrical impulses can be measured by using Electroencephalography (EEG) technique to observe brain waves. EMOTIV INSIGHT collects all these waves and then translates them into meaningful data. A user can use these data for improving his/her attention, focus and even reduces stress stages. The device also is able to understand basic mental commands like push pull and rotate. In addition it can sense facial expressions such as surprise, blinks and smile.

The team behind this project includes some international award winning technology inventors who have the passion for science and technology. Some of the awards that they have achieved are winner of Red Dot Design Award, Australian International Design and Engineering Excellence Awards. This technology can be used in various industrial fields such as gaming, computer interactions, robotics, medicine and many more.

The EMOTIV INSIGHT contains special polymer biosensor system with high electrical conductivity for observing the brain signals without requirement of any conductive gel. It also holds 5 EEG sensors and 2 reference sensors, which gives you the full coverage of key site around the cerebral cortex.