30 August 2013

Opus Portable Amplifier Stand for iOS Devices

As the popularity of the iOS devices grows every day, we are seeing more creative concept designs for Apple tablets and smart phone accessories among the industrial designers. Accessories like a docking station, holder, cover and wireless speakers can be found over the Internet or the market. The Opus is a passive Amplifier and Stand for Apple products with a unique design. It contains of two halves: left side that plays the role of an acoustic loudspeaker and the right side that holds the device. These two parts can also easily snap and attach each other using magnets. The device is portable with a compact size and an elegant geometry design that can be placed on your coffee table as a sculptural piece. This simple but very creative design is a work of Sanjeet Dass, a student at Northwestern University who studies the Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE) program. Other team members behind the project are James Wilde; another Design Engineer specializes in 3D modeling and Jess Baker architecture from the University of Cincinnati. The Opus is now available in the Kickstarterwebsite for raising the pledges.