7 August 2013

How to Save Highlighted Text on a Website Directly to a File

We all while surfing the Internet, come across websites that we want to copy a portion of an article (or the whole article), a sentence or a quote on that site/s and save it in a text file for offline reading or later references. What we would do in this case is that we highlight the text that we need, right-click on it and from the menu, select copy (or simply using the Ctrl + C shortcut). Then we open a text editor like Notepad or Microsoft Word and paste the content in the clipboard. But if you are using the Firefox web browser, there is a useful add-on available that make the whole process much easier for you. This add-on called "Save Text To File" and created by a software engineer "Robert Byrne". When you install this add-on in Firefox, you can save any text directly to a file in the specified directory chosen by you on any website. To install and use "Save Text To File", follow the steps below:

Step 1

Go to the Save Text To File Add-on page and on the top right of the page, select Add to Firefox bottom. In the next window, hit the "Install Now" button and when the plug in installed, restart the Firefox.

Step 2

Now whenever you highlight text on any website, right-click and from the menu, choose "Save Text to File". The "Save Text to File preferences" window will be opened. In this window you have the options to assign a name for the file, choose your desired directory, add date and time and even save the current URL. When you assigned and selected your desired preferences or options, simply hit the Save button and you are done.