30 September 2013

The New iPhone 5s Features

Finally the Apple Company introduced his latest product iPhone 5s to the market and made a big smile on the face of its fans. The new iPhone 5s has a similar look like the iPhone 5 but in fact, it is entirely a new smart phone. The phone holds a new CPU, has an improved camera and a better battery performance. Apple has made a few key improvements on the hardware component and the most importantly now the iPhone 5s is the first smart phone that uses 64-bit architecture. The phone came to the market with a new operating system "iOS 7" as well.  Let take look at some of the features of the iPhone 5s and the technology behind it together.

A7 chip

The first thing that distinct this phone amongst other smart phones is its chip "A7". The chipset that used for iPhone 5s based on the 64-bit architecture and provides a faster performance up to 2 times faster than the A6 chip. This allows the phone to have a better CPU and graphic performance. The iPhone 5s is the first 64-bit Smartphone in the world with this unique architecture. The iOS 7 also was built and developed for this 64-bit A7 chipset so it means the iOS apps developers need to develop their applications according to this 64-bit architecture. Most importantly A7 can support OpenGL version 3.0 for generating detailed graphics which are only available on the PCs, Mac computers, and the gaming consoles. OpenGL or Open Graphic Library is a multiplatform programming interface for rendering 2D and 3D computer graphics and for high performance graphic quality.

M7 coprocessor

The phone’s processor "M7" is in direct interacts with the A7 chip. The processor designed to measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The stand alone application can access the M7 processor directly without engaging the A7 chip which in result the phone consumes less battery power. The M7 processor is completely a new processor designed specifically for the iPhone 5s and makes the device entirely a new phone rather than just an improved Apple iPhone version. 

Touch ID

The iPhone 5s came with Touch ID technology to free users from the entering password over and over again to unlock the phone. The phone holds a fingerprint identity sensor which allows you to put your finger on the Home button and access the interface. The user’s fingerprint can also used for purchasing from the App, iTunes, and iBooks stores. The phone can read your fingerprint in any direction because of its 360 degree readability and you can assign multiple fingerprint in case you want to allow someone else access your phone as well. 

iSight camera

The iSight camera has a larger sensor and pixels. The sensor is 15% larger with bigger pixels capable of measuring 1.5 microns. Also the phone has an aperture of f/2.2. and all these features together allow you to take amazing photo in any environment. You can capture multiple shots (10 photos per second) because of the camera's burst mode ability. Some other features that we can mention about the iSight camera are auto image stabilization, slow motion video, square photo (the camera automatically frames and crops the shot), and panorama photos.

FaceTime HD camera

With the FaceTime camera, you can make HD video call. The new camera has larger pixels and improved backside illumination sensor to generate video in any light.

Ultrafast LTE wireless

The phone supports up to 13 LTE (Long Term Evolution, standard for wireless communication of high speed data for mobile phones) bands, for faster internet surfing. LTE is available through selected carriers which are the number of LTE carriers supported by iPhone worldwide increasing continuously to provide its users faster download and upload speed. 

iOS 7

As I mentioned earlier, the iOS 7 was developed based on the A7 64-bit architecture and introduced some new features like smarter multitasking, AirDrop, and Control Center. It comes with a collection of applications that make you do your everyday tasks faster and easier. It has a simple home screen to allow you discover the built in application. The iOS 7 takes full advantage of iPhone 5s hardware features and as the Apple claims, it was designed to make tasks simpler, more useful and more enjoyable. The Control Center gives you the ability to one swipe access to the applications that you often use. The apps such as iWorks, iMove, iPhoto, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers now are available for free for iPhone 5s users.