8 September 2013

Ultra Desktop Replacement by Marin Myftiu

Ultra Desktop Replacement or U.DRT is a laptop concept design by Marin Myftiu. The laptop designed in a way that removes the limitations of laptops and gives you a desktop look. The main feature of the U.DRT is its display. The monitor height can be adjusted to provide the user a more natural desktop sitting position compared to an ordinary notebook. The sitting position in front of the U.DTR is just like a traditional desktop computer. The display is a multi-touch monitor and the camera is placed at the edge between the monitor and its neck. The U.DRT has also a unique cooling system that allows the cool air flowing smoothly inside the laptop to give the user efficient performance for executing heavy duty programs. It has a built-in battery and the battery indicator located on the side to show the level of charges. Besides this battery the device holds a main or removable battery that can be easily attached and detach to the laptop. The designer behind the U.DRT is Marin Myftiu from Tirana, Albania, a freelance designer with experience in architectural, interior and object design.